Druk Gyalpo’s Relief Kidu Summary Report Phase II (July – September 2020)

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Report Date: 27 August 2020
Data as of: 26 August 2020
Total number of Applicants: 26,679
of which: Phase I reapplicants 21,158
New applicants 5,521
Total number of Kidu Beneficiaries: 22,955
Kidu Amount: Nu. 284 million
of which: Child support Kidu Nu. 7.6 million
No. of children covered 9,532
Cases forwarded from DGRK to OGZ for Immediate Ration Support from 13 Aug till date: 493
of which: Thimphu – delivered 304
July 2020
Total number of Applicants: 22,213
Number of Kidu Beneficiaries: 21,093
July applicants have received their August Kidu as well.
1 July applicant has withdrawn from August and 1 has withdrawn and
refunded his August Kidu.
August 2020 (till date)
Total number of Applicants: 4,466
Kidu disbursed for applications received upto: 16 August 2020
For total no. of applications received: 1,968
Out of which:
   Total number of Kidu Beneficiaries: